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allistur cranston tuffgnarl70 at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Sep 23 06:53:45 PDT 2006

and very john cage-like too, i realised that last night in bed. there is a free performance of eno's 'music for airports' in the barbican foyer, london, on 7th october (6.15pm) if anyone is into that sort of thing and from the south east of england. played by the bang on a can ensemble. it's part of the steve reich season.

Ratan X <ratanx at gmail.com> wrote:  On Sep 22, 2006, at 8:26 PM, allistur cranston wrote:

> is it just me or does glasgow monday sound like brian eno meets 
> bach's preludes and fugues (is that the right piece? but slowed 
> down, a lot!)

Actually, it was just the other day I noticed some slight 
similarities between Glasgow Monday and Eno's Music For Airports. I'd 
like to think The Man From Corwood is a fan. Eno has written some of 
my favorite instrumental pieces.


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