[Jandek] Live boots in circulation? (this is not a request for them though)

ALISTAIR CROSBIE alistair.crosbie at btopenworld.com
Sat Sep 23 04:15:54 PDT 2006

> of the as yet not officially released live
> recordings i have copies of the following:
>   Instal, Glasgow, Scotland 16/10/2005 
>   (2 sets – 1st w’ Lorren Conners/2nd w’ Heather
> Leigh Murray & Alan Licht)
>   St. Giles-in-the-field, UK 18/10/2005 (solo)
>   i had the pleasure of attending this one!
>   Portland, USA 20/4/2006 (w’ Sam Coomes & Emil
> Amos) 2cds 
>   and to be released officially soon i think?
>   All tomorrow’s parties, UK 14/5/2006 (w’ Richard
> Youngs & Alex Nielson)
>   Bristol Cube, UK 17/5/2006 (2nd set) (w’ Chris
> Corsano & Mick Flower)

The Instal set from 14/10/05 (Mr
Corwood/Youngs/Neilson) is also in circulation in good
sound quality.

Hey, what will he do when he comes to issue the sets
from 16/10/05? We've already got a "Glasgow


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