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Mike Hagler actually still runs Kingsize, but I think I heard that they
recently moved, so they may no longer be able to make that confusing claim!

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  Ha! Yes... There used to be a studio in Chicago called Kingsize... their
letterhead said "We are south of North...east side of Western".


  On Sep 6, 2006, at 9:36 AM, Allen Rendel wrote:

    It took me awhile after I moved here to get used to directions like, "Go
    east on North and then South on Western..."


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      As a Chicagoan, I must point out that the address given for
      Quimby's is
      incorrect. The correct address is:
      1854 W. North Ave.

    This is how you know I'm not from a big city - even in Fayetteville, if
    said "Northern" (and I have no idea why I put that there...oh yeah, it
    the two glasses of wine I had before I could write the email) people
    know what you mean. There probably is a Northern street and a North
    in Chicago, an entirely foreign concept in this part of the world with
    than a hundred thousand people in the area.  Sincerely, thanks to both
    you that pointed this out! I imagine people arriving in a very bad
    neighborhood going, "is there a reading here?"

    I promise, Chicago, I will make it up to you.


      From their website:

      "Quimby's is located on North Ave. and Wolcott (two blocks East of
      Ave.) between Zen Noodle Restaurant and Nola's 32nd Ward Seafood
      House. The
      smell of garlic butter from that place is inescapable. Geez."

      Larry Epke

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      Forthcoming;Author to
        Read/Sign in Toronto & Chicago
        Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2006 13:15:36 -0400

        No way I can make it to either of your readings, but
        wonderful. (Will they be recorded?) After reading your e-mail, I'm
        definitely buying at least one copy.


        Amy Frushour Kelly

        On 9/1/06, Danen D. Jobe <djobe at uark.edu> wrote:


          So I've sent out dozens of press releases and spent a solid year
          working on this, and yet this is the email I've had the most
      difficulty>>composing. Really - started and stopped it six or seven
      times in the last
          three weeks. If you want the short of it, skip a paragraph or
      two. But for
          THIS list - people I genuinely care about and trust - I want to
      give an
          of what writing this has been like. So here goes:

          As a few of you know, I've been working on a fictitious biography
      based on
          Jandek, written with Corwood's cooperation and approval.  It uses
          name, song titles, lyrics, album covers, music descriptions, etc
      though it
          in NO way is to be mistaken for the REAL story of Jandek.
      Rather, this is
          culled from - literally - HUNDREDS of hours of listening to the
      music,>>discussions with a few people involved with Corwood at one
      point or
          numerous back and forth letters to and from Houston, a chapbook
          that caused me to destroy (by fire, thank you) EVERYTHING and
      start over -
          this being exactly one week before my thesis reading at the
      University of
          Arkansas (which I've been writing this project for). Coming up
      with the
          RIGHT story, finally, for said reading and then spending the
          hammering out some 200 pages of sprawling story, followed by me
      asking>>Corwood if they thought it might be a good idea for me to
      read in Chicago
          and Toronto (they agreed), an
          d me thinking, "you know, it might be nice to have something
      published,">>followed by the WONDERFUL folk at Single Cell Press
      (out of Glasgow - so
          fitting) agreeing to publish this first installment in what I see
      as a
          "Jandek trilogy," three weeks of editing, re-writing, re-thinking
      and>>ultimately agreeing on 63 pages of content, coming out this
      month on
          Cell Press, and which I will be reading from the day after the
          and the day before the Chicago one.

          And now for more specific details: in Toronto I'll be at Circus
      Books and
          Music on Monday, September 18th at 6 PM. This is located at 253
      Gerrard>>Street East (I'll give better directions and a phone
      number in a following
          email as I figure it out myself) and should be a blast. From
      there I get
          make a maddash back over the border to read at Quimby's Books in
      Chicago>>(154 W Northern Street, Chicago - more info
      www.quimbys.com) at 7 PM
          Tuesday the 19TH at 7 PM. I can promise the best excerpts I can
      come up
          from the book, which is closest to dark Southern Literature (it's
      what I
          write), tracing the future Corwood Rep's life from childhood to
      his garage
          band days, growing up in the Ozark Mountains admist much family
          mother and father leave him to care for his developmentally
          at one point - his mother moving off to Kansas City and Dad going
      on a
          six-month bender). There are also other fictiionally recast real
      people>>here, most significantly one
          Frank Stanford, whose poetry you can check at www.alsopreview.com.
          Stanford is the young narrator's shadow twin, so to speak, and
      also the
          person who gets said narrator to take his musical roots and do
      something>>with them. Frank happens to be married to Nancy, who
      ends up singing for
          original garage band (and John, the drummer, lifts many of the
      instruments>>from "people who won't miss them). It includes
      sections of the narrator
          developing the guitar sound (which, by the way, I picked out
      myself on a
          40's era black Gibson acoustic, picking at the strings over
      Charley Patton
          songs until it emulated what Jandek does on the early acoustic
      albums) and
          falling in love - not with Nancy, but with Frank's fiery sister
      Jessica.>>There's also "fictionalized' versions of Son House (he
      gets a great scene)
          and a poet/novelist named James Whitehead who's well worth
      checking out.

          Okay, that's enough. If you want more I've got a few excerots up
      at the
          Myspace page I've created for this puppy:
      www.myspace.com/niagrablues.>>I'll keep updates going there. Also,
      please check my publisher's website
          www.singlecellpress.co.uk, as this is where the book will be
      available>>(unless you buy it direct from me). While you're there,
      pick up a copy of
          Jackie Gilroy's slang-crazed "Thugs and Thieves." The writing
      style of our
          books couldn't be any more different and yet there's a communal
      spirit>>there. But seriously, Gilroy is the rightful heir to
      Bukowski, and I mean
          that lovingly. My book is probably closer to Carson McCullers'
      "Ballad of
          the Sad Cafe" or maybe a bit of Cormac McCarthy, but I've worked
      hard to
          have it be it's OWN thing first and foremost. Hope anyone who
      reads it
          the same.

          Anyway, PLEASE contact me for more info. Now that I can relax
      (having>>finally written this) I can say that I hope at least some
      of you can
          these events - I intend for it to be a pretty wild tour: Jandek
      on Sunday,
          my reading on Monday, another reading on Tuesday, Jandek on
      Wednesday and
          then I sleep for a week. Somehow my employer at the University
      has decided
          this is a good "academic" thing and is supporting this, so I feel
      all>>"official." I don't know. Books will be dead cheap (I've got
      to move them
          you knew that was coming, right?) but the readings are free. And
      hey, I
          intend to max out a credit card buying pitchers afterward.
          if anyone has floorspace in Toronto or Chicago let me know. This
      was going
          to be a family trip but looks like it's a solo thing now (a cost-
      efficient>>idea - got the wife and kids' support but this is gonna
      be a bit intense
          young ones), so I find myself in need of floor space. I'll even
      bring my
          pillow and free books
          a'plenty. I also make a mean coffee.

          Oh, and finally, there is a tour "pre-launch" radio show at 88.3
      KXUA>>radio from the University of Arkansas next Wed night at 9 pm
      CST. Fear
          non Arkansans (which is what, all of you?) - it will be streamed
      on the
          I'll get details for that in the next few days, but PLEASE, if
      you happen
          listen in, call and request. It's going to be a very loose show
      covering>>what I feel is his key moments mixed in with some of the
      Summersteps'>>tributes (including stuff off the new Corwood
      Variations handmade - I
          the "Om" is a must) and a few "Corwood influences" like Blind
          Johnson. This is going to be three hours long and something
          I'll also read a few short passages from the book.

          Whew! Okay, I've done it. Thanks for your patience (those who
      made it this
          far) and I hope a few of you can make the readings. I think you
      all know
          great respect I have for this artist so please trust that I've put
          TREMENDOUS effort in making this as good a story as possible,
      staying true
          to the roots of Corwood Industries.I'm proud to say that I got
      the "thumbs
          up" from Corwood last week in a lovingly detailed letter that
      gave what
          be the world's first lyric correction from the source: the
      opening passage
          from "Niagra Blues" should read: "Sometimes go to
      Niagra/sometimes go the
          grave/crazy 'bout your dreamer/crazy 'bout your dark night." And
      here, for
          thirteen years, I've thought the "uh" after dream was an
      inflection. Wow.

          And again, any questions please send my way. As I said, more
      detailed maps
          and such as we get closer to reading dates. Books will be for
      sale until
          Single Cell Press is so tired of me they toss the rest in the
          again for listening, all!


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