[Jandek] Jandek Fictional Biography Forthcoming; Author to Read/Sign in Toronto & Chicago

Simon Greenwood simon.greenwood at mac.com
Sat Sep 2 17:28:21 PDT 2006

Jandek isn't a real person. He's a fiction made by Sterling Smith,  
and now other people are adding to the fiction. This is made more  
real by there being instances of Jandek performing live. How much is  
Jandek a fiction?  I'm sure that if you managed to get him between  
characters Jandek/Sterling Smith could play you 'Johnny B Goode' at  
the very least, but he chooses not to. Jandek is a number of rules  
that we don't know but can appreciate.


On 2 Sep 2006, at 22:22, Frank Hardy wrote:

> But what is really the point of a fictional biography of a real  
> person? The world has enough half-truths. Why not just write a  
> completely fictional novel inspired by Jandek? How does making crap  
> up help us to understand the guy's music?
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