[Jandek] Jandek Fictional Biography Forthcoming; Author to Read/Sign in Toronto & Chicago

Jonathan Lee jplee at cox.net
Fri Sep 1 19:21:30 PDT 2006

"Danen D. Jobe" wrote:
> Okay.
> So I've sent out dozens of press releases and spent a solid year now working on this, and yet this is the email I've had the most difficulty composing. Really - started and stopped it six or seven times in the last three weeks. If you want the short of it, skip a paragraph or two. But for THIS list - people I genuinely care about and trust - I want to give an idea of what writing this has been like. So here goes:
> snip <

That's excellent news, Danen!  Congratulations on the culmination of all
your hard work.  I really wish I could attend the readings (oh, and the
concerts too you lucky dog).  I'll just have to wait for the printed
form.  Definitely looking forward to reading it, it sounds really

best wishes,

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