[Jandek] RE: jandek Digest, Vol 54, Issue 217

raphi gottesman raphi30 at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 26 08:47:18 PDT 2006

On the topic of merch; for some reason this is coming up all of a sudden 
with jandek's most recent shows. Clearly J- man is not a merch guy, he's got 
his po box and thats all he needs. for those of you wanting t shirts and 
corwood tennis head bands, make your own.

>From: "allan macinnis" <ammacinn at hotmail.com>
>To: jandek at mylist.net
>Subject: [Jandek] RE: jandek Digest, Vol 54, Issue 217
>Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 19:14:35 -0700
>Has Jandek had merch at ANY of his shows? There wasn't anything in Toronto 
>(or else I just missed it) -- but that coulda been a border thing...
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