[Jandek] Open Mic Jandek Cover Night--reminder!

Maurice Rickard maurice at mac.com
Wed Oct 11 10:11:31 PDT 2006

Open Mic Jandek Cover Night at Kiva Han, Forbes & Craig, Pittsburgh, 
PA, US, 11/05/2006, 7PM

It's that time of year again: time to wander over to the J section of 
your CD collection, place a rush order to Corwood, or at the very 
least fire up the GooTube search for Glasgow Sunday.  It's time you 
decided to get real wild.  It's the fourth annual Open Mic Jandek 
Cover Night. Anyone can show up and play, but you have to cover a 
Jandek tune.  (Or two, or three.)

When: Jandek Day (Sunday, 11/5/06), 7PM-whenever
Where: Kiva Han coffee house, at Forbes and Craig (the main one, near 
the Carnegie), Pittsburgh, PA.
Who: You.  And you, and you.  And me.  But mainly you.
How much: Free, but buy an espresso, or cappuccino, or Choice brand 
organic Darjeeling tea to put you in the mood.

There'll be a small PA (two small amps, but it's all we need), and 
I'll have microphones and a place to plug in an instrument. The space 
is way too small to accommodate a full band, so solo acts and duos 
are best. I'll also have a Web browser open to Seth Tisue's fine 
Jandek site's lyrics page, so you don't have to worry about 

So come on by--after all, Jandek plays live these days, so why not you?

Kiva Han, Forbes & Craig, Pittsburgh, PA 15213.  7PM. All ages, FREE. 
Anyone can come and perform, but you have to cover a Jandek tune.


Maurice Rickard
http://mauricerickard.com/   |   http://onezeromusic.com/

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