[Jandek] other stuff I listen to

allan macinnis ammacinn at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 10 23:30:11 PDT 2006

I gotta take issue with whoever that was who said Ornette crawls into your 
brain then shits and dies. Whatever other sounds he may have made, Ornette 
has never so much as FARTED in my brain, and he certainly isn't dead there. 
I understand that the phrase was meant as praise (???), but still...

What do I listen to:

Lately: the hardcore, punk, and so forth of my youth. The new (Vancouver) 
Subhumans album has been getting a lot of play by me lately, ditto the new 
Nomeansno and the Pointed Sticks compliation. I've been writing about punk 
so I've been listening to it. Love the artier edge -- the Ex, some Dog faced 
Hermans (tho' I can't find a lot of that). Also fond of the New Model Army.

When I want to impress people, I listen to mostly avant-garde and improvised 
music, from free jazz (used to be a huge Don Cherry fan but lately tending 
toward the Brotzmann/Derek Bailey end of things) to, hell, I dunno. Fe-mail, 
Zoviet France. Like some of LaMonte Young, Tony Conrad, and that, but don't 
listen to it a whole lot. The Well Tuned Piano, believe it or not, is 
actually great music to make out to, even with women who don't normally dig 
that sorta thing.

Love vintage blues and roots music from the 20's and 30's. I think a lot of 
Jandek fans would love Charley Patton and that sorta stuff.

On Jandek-y days, I will also play Loren Connors, Nels Cline's more 
out-there stuff, and Haino Keiji. (There must be a bunch of 
Haino/Fushitsusha fans on the board but I haven't noticed them).

Oh, and I gotta mention my great delight in the music of Dr. Chad. Eugene 
Chadbourne, that is. Bless the guy.


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