[Jandek] The irrelevance of Outsider music these days

Yuval Legendtofski legendtofski at gmail.com
Tue Oct 10 21:50:21 PDT 2006

This concept of Outside music these days is complete BS and has been since
the explosion of the 'indie' thing in the 90s and the subsequent Internerd
explosion. I mean when I first heard about Jandek in the late 80s via FORCED
EXPOSURE and Byron Coley's SPIN article, the actual method of learning about
'outsider' music was a slower procedure for people not living in the United
States of Everything. As a result, finding 'outsider' product, let alone
even 'hearing' it would be like trying to join the FreeMasons or something.
These days any shlub can click on Myspace or read Pitchfork or download rips
on Soulseek making everything 'available' and the information transfer far
quicker and prevalent. It's also interesting how people are into
'everything' with their music tastes these days which makes the concept of
'outsider' music even more irrelevant.
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