[Jandek] What else do you listen to besides Jandek

Alimarea Vasquez beachdame125 at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 9 22:03:09 PDT 2006

Well apart from the obvious  Beatles, Slayer, Apple Maggot Quarantine Area, 
King Crimson....

I love to listen to

Naythen Wilson ----- I highly recommend checking him out. Atonal Funeral 
Folk/Chaos Noise Manipulation. If you are a fan of Jandek's then you will be 
a fan of his.  He has been played on Maurice Rickards Jandek Radio Night and 
has versions of CORWOOD APPROVED covers such as "Naked In the 
Afternoon""They Told Me About You" and "Twenty Four" just to name a few

Dr. Bluepen and His Wandering What--- multi genre experimental band in the 
vein of Beefheart and Bungle.

The Immaculate Peter Joshes---- super scummy father/son duo from Oakland 
Maine doing punk/noise similar to that of The Mentors, or GG Allin

Blue Papered By Ghosts---- Extremely rare and spooky... heavy trance 
oriented death wails and sonic walls of shit

Borbetomagus---------- experimental free jazzy hornishness plus some

Crobe----------------- four bass players, a keyboardist and a bass vocalist 
combine to make doom sludge metal under 40 beats a minute

Last Chance to Reason---- tech metal from Augusta Maine... calculus thrash

Neutral Milk Hotel--------- sweet melody and peculiar music combine to whisk 
you away into a doubtful cloud.

Random Pacts--- somewhat boring rock n roll mixed with garage ... still 
grabs me for some reason

Interobang------ 16-18 year old band putting the ghosts back in rock... They 
sound like a mixture between Black Sabbath and Wilco... kinda doomy kinda 

Trachtenberg Family Slideshow Players --------- THe FIRST FAMILY OF SLIDE 
ROCK/vaudevillian happiness

Wesley Willis---------- giant schizophrenic repititious gorgeous animal

Ornette Coleman--------------- the twisted horn from hell... crawls in your 
brain... then shits and dies...

Yoko Ono------------- no need to describe.

Screen Pillows------ A band from Finland that has coined two new styles of 
music.  YEAH rock(they describe it as the "eyebrow raising, tug on your 
friends sleeve to get the hell out of the club NOW" type of music) and 
CONVERS-USION (a blend of conversations mixed with jazz fusion)

the list goes on and on

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