[Jandek] the 'outsider' music thing.

Yuval Legendtofski legendtofski at gmail.com
Mon Oct 9 21:37:34 PDT 2006

I think the label came to emergence in a more mainstream way in the 90s via
magazines like RAW VISION and of course the music mag FORCED EXPOSURE.
Initially it referred to some degree to art made by the mentally ill, a
reference which became totally irrelevant. It generally represents personal,
self-taught, folk or 'non mainstream art', and more importantly, art that
doesn't align itself to some distribution/marketing system, identity
politique and more importantly idividuated/collective representation of art.

Ultimately it's art that exists for it's own and the creators sake, doesn't
seek to find an audience, but ultimately does so out of it's own merit.

Art that totally and utterly fucks the capatalist paradigm, and yet succeeds
on it's own terms as a result of it.

Sheesh, sounds like JANDEK!
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