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allistur cranston tuffgnarl70 at yahoo.co.uk
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i'm in the UK and i've just received my fifth order in about 2 years. i use the rather dodgy wrapped up dollars in the post method, but it's always worked fine. last one took a while to get here but he has been away, and if you ask him some questions he'll usually send a little note back too.

Yuval Legendtofski <legendtofski at gmail.com> wrote:      Boris,

I ordfered a boxset last year. Unfortunately you gotta do it via IMO which add an extra 10 or so bucks to the order. Write the IMO to Corwood as per the address on the Tisue Website. Mr. Jandek CEO of Corwood Industries will then process yr order. Took me about three weeks all up to get the box, and because of new procedures in International Postage, Mr. Jandek will reveal his real name to you! 

It would be nice though if Corwood Industries had PayPal or some other payment options for us foreigners.


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Subject: [Jandek] Ordering Jandek CDs from overseas
Hi all:)

How's everyone? I trust everything's well. Did anyone ever try to order
Jandek CDs from overseas? I live in Australia and just wondering what the 
procedure is and whether I'm likely to be successful.


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