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Hey all
  Just to say - How damn good is Austin Sunday?  These jazz punk sets are unbelievably great...  Loving the lyrics to "A Little While"...  Janky kicks back!  The record sounds and feels great, "Lonely Dog" being my current favourite due to how fucking murky it sounds.  Also really digging "Lithe Body" which has the awesome delivery of his spoken word stuff in Glasgow at Instal 05.  The two drummers thing sounds quite strange and I didnt notice it until later on listening to it and seeing it on the net.  It sounds amazing tho.  "The Police" is ace and reminds me of Ollie Reed on Parkinsons doing "Wild Thing", and also Craig singing "One of My Turns" in the Mercat much to the bemusement of Cumnock's finest.  
  Received the "Newcastle Sunday" DVD in the post today and have watched the first bits of it.  The tense as all holy hell first 5 minutes of the set has been edited, which is probably for the best.  We all sat in absolute silence while the Corwood rep straightened out his wires.  It does show the atmosphere of the day though in glorious technicolour.  I was hoping for a status quo esque pan out to the audience to see me, alextl, paul condon, seth and some elephant micahs in the front row.  To no avail thus far.
  Seriously tho, everyone should get a hold of this one - Jandek's first live show to which the general public were invited - and the door was finally opened!  This show was great, and is a wonderful contrast to the next days gig - (released as "Glasgow Monday" - the great 2 CD set that Corwood released this year), featuring Corwood rep on Vocals and piano.  For my money, by the way "Glagow Monday" is one of my top five Jandek CDs, well worth buying.
  Newcastle has the same line up as Glasgow Monday, (accompanied by Alex Neilson and Richard Youngs) but "Newcastle Sunday" is a blinding jazz punk set with the group at its most explosive.  
  Anyway, im sure some will have already have reflected on these records, but just thought I'd post my reactions.  Hope youse get a chance to hear this stuff.

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