[Jandek] RE: jandek Digest, Vol 54, Issue 242

Mathieu Duval m_duval76 at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 23 01:45:42 PST 2006

Has anyone ever talked to Jandek at any of the shows? Had a photo taken with 
him? Had him sign a CD or such? Does he really not like people approaching 
him, or are people afraid that he'll freak if they try? Just curious...I 
realize he's eccentric, eclectic, and probably a few more 'E' words, but he 
is a human being like all of us. It'd be interesting to have a few words 
with him before or after a performance.
>   Jeremy

---I spoke to him on a few occasions the day after the Helsinki show. 
Meeting him was to me, a one in a life time experience and I kept repeating 
to myself "do you realize who you're talking to?" I don't want to get into 
the details of what I thought of him and what we spoke of as I don't believe 
it's anyone's busines. Anybody who has ever spoken to him will probably tell 
you it just doesn't feel right to relate such an event, it's as if there was 
some secret understanding. This artist has led a private life for such a 
long time, trying to keep his identity a secret that it feels as if I would 
be breaking some unwritten law by doing so. So I'll keep quiet when it comes 
to details, but I'll tell you that he was EXACTLY how I expected him to be, 
not in a predictable way, just a very human way.


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