Alimarea Vasquez beachdame125 at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 22 16:38:03 PST 2006

Well my good friend, and old list member Naythen Wilson has talked to him on 
many occassions over the telephone and has had nothing but good things to 
say.  I have also heard of people approaching him after concerts and having 
a great time talking.  I have never heard of any CDs being signed.  The best 
way it seems is still letters.  It just seems more respectful.  I would 
never come up on him and expect anything from him.  My interaction with the 
man has been great.  He is EXTREMELY polite and very deliberate in his 
words, but has a great sense of humor.

and also remember back when a person took a picture of Jandek outside of 
Mondo Kims in Manhattan... that was just low.  Getting in someones private 
space like a filthy paparazzi person is just plain wrong... take a picture 
if they want to have their picture taken.

oh well

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