[Jandek] wonder what Jandek listens to?

CJ Marsicano sempai at cjmarsicano.com
Wed Nov 22 23:07:22 PST 2006

On Nov 22, 2006, at 3:43 PM, stacey graham wrote:

> Wouldn't it be a scoop to find out what is on the stereo at the 
> Corwood Industries headquarters?  It would almost be too easy to 
> predict some sort of old country blues or maybe some freak folk 
> or jazz.  It would be great to find out he listens to 
> something TOTALLY unexpected, like to see him driving down the street 
> booming some Wu Tang or Public Enemy or maybe some hardcore 
> trance/jungle/rave music.  You hear the bass pumping a block away and 
> look over as the car (Lincoln Navigator all blinged-out!) slides past 
> and you look and there is Jandek with the seat slid way back, the 
> whole car full up with his posse.
> As an experiment a couple of weeks ago I "accidently" drank a whole 
> big bottle of cough syrup, and after the nausea slipped away and the 
> buzz came on I listened to Jandek for about 6 hours.  It sounded like 
> pop music from some alternate universe.  The spoken word ones didn't 
> go over that good though, they mostly made me space out because I 
> couldn't concentrate on the unadorned words floating past me.
LOL! Between the "blinged out Lincoln" and the reference to cough 
syrup, this is almost screaming for chopped-and-screwed editions of 
Jandek albums - which is ironic because that particular subgenre/mixing 
methodology actually started in Houston.

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