[Jandek] What else is out there?

Bradleybee bradleybee at yahoo.com
Thu May 25 11:17:47 PDT 2006

--- Jonathan Ruhe <ruhetang at yahoo.com> wrote:
> As people who find Jandek listenable and even
> enjoyable, do you find that there is still music out there
> thatís too weird for even your tastes?

I do enjoy industrial noise and various difficult avant-garde
stuff.  However the one type of underground music I personally
can not stand is speed/black metal with cookie-monster-style
lead vocals.

I find it repellant audibly (on the surface) and also
asthetically.  Yes, I agree that the drums should be the main,
lead instrument, BUT, the style of drum beat SHOULD NOT
determine the tempo of the song.  The tempo of the song should
dictate the drum pattern used.  When I hear one of these songs
on the radio (I don't have any speed-metal CDs in my collection)
and I hear the tempo of the song suddenly slow down 15-20 bpm
just so the drummer can switch from sixteenth notes to thirth
secondth notes on the kick drums, it just makes my stomach churn
and my blood boil.  It makes me want to kill that drummer and
sacrifice him to... SATAN!!!

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