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joe beres jmberes at comcast.net
Tue May 23 15:48:31 PDT 2006

Jumping in a bit late...

Why WOULD you refer to him as Sterling, just to prove how cool and in 
the know you are?  You've so proudly proclaimed that you have spoken to 
him, so clearly you have something to prove.  If that makes you feel 
better than everyone, then great, have a ball. 

I know Elvis Costello's real name.  Does that make me more interesting?  
I don't think so.  Would I refer to him as Declan?  No, why would I?  He 
has stated that he reserves his real name for those he is close with, 
and would likely ignore or take offense if anyone else called him by 
that name.  I don't think that's too crazy.  I see that as a direct 
parallel to what you are talking about here. 

You are on a Jandek list.  Trying to "out-Jandek" everyone else is a 
little silly, isn't it? 



Chad Kelsey wrote:
> WHY would it be bad to refer to the Corwood rep as "Sterling"?
> i think we all know that's his name?!?!?right?
> you guys need to mellow out-i've called the guy on the phone before 
> (albeit a few years ago) and he's been SUPER RAD.
> it's not a mystery and you are not part of a mystery!
> it's good music from a guy who makes good music. why read anyhting 
> else into it? are you the Hardy Boys? NOPE.
> Relax guys and chicks! It's MUSIC.
> Peace, C.
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