[Jandek] Youtube video about filiming Jandek at Bristol

Gavin gavin at arkhonia.co.uk
Mon May 22 05:36:40 PDT 2006

While this is actually minutiae even by Jandek standards, and also
possibly of little interest to anyone other than attendees, there is
an interesting clip on Youtube
documenting the preparation for filming the Bristol Jandek
performances - interesting inasmuch as it shows that, at least in
this instance, the filming was done in-house rather than via anyone
associated with Corwood.

Edit: just got an email from The Cube to say that my gig account has
been added to their blog (at http://sparror.cubecinema.com/cubelog/ -
thanks!), and if you scroll down there's a bit more info about the
filming, plus the video itself.


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