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Hello folks,
  This is my first post on this board. 
  I've been following Jandek/Corwoodian activity since 1982, when Gary Gold dropped off some extra Lp copies at CFMU-FM in Hamilton, ON. You know Gary from the movie Corwood On Jandek, but in Canada, he's best known as the editor of the fun fun funzine , The Pig Paper. We both had experiences with the group Simply Saucer. I digress, though..
  Three things:
   1) How to address Sterling/Jandek/Corwood rep: all of this jandeketiquette is far too confusing for a simple person like myself to digest. Therefore, I am suggesting the  following salutation:
  "Hey pally, let's go for a beer"
2) Fave recordings; well the first Lp obviously. The Rocks Crumble and the Twelfth Apostle (nobody ever mentions that one!) the Beginning (esp. the title track - NOT TO BE MISSED!) Have not heard the recent (2006) CDs, so can't comment..I'm still plowing through the 40 volumes Corwood sent me some two years ago.
  3) I've heard rumours about Jandek performing in CANADA. I hope it happens...I really don't care about the mystique being blown..I don't think the folk(s) at Corwood are THAT self-conscious about maintaining "image" or "marketing" I have a blue-penned hand-written missive from Corwood asking (rhetorically?) " what Is marketing?".  My point, exactly.
  With both "feet in the North"
  Bruce "e-Mole" Mowat
  e-Mole Radio 90 http://cfmu.mcmaster.ca
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