[Jandek] Jandek at ATP

Gavin rangoon at ntlworld.com
Sun May 14 14:37:05 PDT 2006

Secondhand phoned-in report from ATP performance (and I'm quoting
from scrawled notes taken 7 minutes after the performance ended):
another trio performance, with Alex Neilson (in Sun Ra & Arkestra
t-shirt), and Richard Youngs, playing electric bass, and using a
transparent plastic slide throughout, with some fingering, but a lot
of just hitting the strings with it; the Corwood Representative wore
his usual attire (inc. hat), and played a type of black guitar as seen at
previous shows (name and model info slipped his mind), through a Fender
Twin Reverb amp, and with a fast tremelo effect on the guitar throughout;
played for approximately an hour and 20 minutes to a small but generally
appreciative crowd (Vetiver and Bert Jansch were both playing elsewhere
at the same time).

Snatches of lyrics: first song: "I'm only 22/things have gotten
out of hand..."; one song "Hair Of The Dog" (seemingly about
drinking): "I've got my goblet full of wine...I'd think about giving up/were
it not for you"; another song: "how can I love you/when your dress is
crinkled"; another: "goodbye everybody, I going to my party/if you're
not there it's just me and the panthers"...

Other observations: there were some vocal monitoring problems at the
soundcheck, and the last song was quite muffled vocally, but also in part
due the unrelenting guitar playing, and the band "fucking rocked throughout"
(I'm quoting here); the lyric stand was improvised out of a keyboard
stand and a blue canteen tray; the Corwood Representative smiled a lot
throughout, seemingly at his own lyrics (especially through "Hair Of
The Dog"), and there was much smirking backwards and forwards between
him and Alex & Richard; and, on a final note, he was spotted in the pub
when the FA Cup final was on yesterday...more details will undoubtedly
come to light over the next day or so, and these comments were for my
benefit (couldn't be there, but will be going to Bristol), but I
thought that they might be appreciated if shared...


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