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Wed May 10 15:38:17 PDT 2006

--- Lauren Ciechanowski <ciechano at stolaf.edu> wrote:
> I am totally blanking on examples of Jandek's sense of humor
> right now
> (for a part of my paper, not my own private scrapbook, haha).
> I have:
> Why Did I Change a Word In The Last Song? (one of my favorite
> examples)
> Mother's Day Card
> The great banter at the beginning of the Electric End, thought
> that's less
> deliberate than the other two examples.
> Could 'Om' count? I've always thought it was a bit
> tongue-in-cheek.
> Thanks a lot guys,
> Lauren

I think the first few lines in "They Told Me I Was a Fool" are
pretty funny.  "Your Condition" and "The Janitor" from Later On
are pretty manically funny, as is "Just Whisper" with all the
variations of walking and moving and moving and walking.  The
funniest albums are probably Foreign Keys and Telegraph Melts. 
"Governor Rhoades" is a masterpiece;  I remember when I first
heard the song I played it over and over until my ribs hurt :) 
Some may think Modern Dances is the funniest LP, but I consider
that one a little more awkward than funny, IMHO.  "Worthless
Recluse" is quite strangely funny, and even though "One Last
Chance" is not meant to be a 'funny' song (I consider it one of
his most personal and most powerful songs,) the delivery of the
lyric is pretty hilarious at times.

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