[Jandek] Napping with Jandek

Joseph Frezza joebot888 at comcast.net
Wed Mar 15 11:19:53 PST 2006

I smell a weekly cable show. "Napping with Jandek". "This week Jandek 
takes a nap with horror director Eli Roth, and political commentator 
Arianna Huffington." And then they just sit in their respective 
interview chairs, everybody's got a blanket on, with the TV mic clipped 
to it, and then they sleep pretty much silently onscreen for a half 
hour. Then that's it, the shows over.

It'd be huge.

But honestly, for about 10 years, Graven Image was the only Jandek 
album I had, and my relationship with the album was like this: I put it 
on once and fell sorta half-asleep, and hovering there in Alpha I had 
all kinds of crazy, weird-o dreams, with the Jandek music seeming to 
dictate the events and the imagery and whatnot. So for years after that 
I would always put on Graven Image if I was going to take a 
mid-afternoon nap, and it often had the same effect.

On Mar 14, 2006, at 8:25 PM, Frank Hardy wrote:

> That sounds pretty serious- I'd reccommend that you consult a 
> psychiatric professional as soon as possible.
> Juuust kidding- I think it's really funny that you listen to Jandek 
> like any other music- in the cafe, doing housework. Usually people 
> talk about sitting up at 3 am with a cup of coffee and staring at a 
> wall while putting Jandek on, or having listening parties, but either 
> way it's always like Jandek listening is some thing that requires some 
> sort of churchlike reverence, a special concentration or mood or time 
> of day. Your reverence, on the other hand,  sounds more like a 70's 
> teenager who's obsessed with Bobby Sherman. And that's refreshing, but 
> geez- I feel like if I listened to the a capella albums as I slept I'd 
> probably develop some sort of pyschotic disorder.
> Alimarea Vasquez <beachdame125 at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> I can not even begin to tell you all how much I have completely 
>> immersed
>> myself in this music. I find myself cranking up the songs and 
>> cleaning my
>> apartment. Dancing around and having a grand old time. I also like to 
>> play
>> the a capella albums on repeat as I sleep, they are so entrancing and
>> mandatory I feel. I recently got an email from a friend who asked me 
>> my
>> opinions on the newer albums as opposed to the older ones and 
>> personally all
>> I can say is i love em all. This music is the truest music out there, 
>> and
>> no one could convince me otherwise.
>> Down At Valeries Eatery
>> enjoying a meatball sub and cranking
>> "point judith" on my discman
>> My knees are knocking and I feel like slow dancing.
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