[Jandek] SXSW?/Jandek at the library

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Fri Mar 10 10:26:07 PST 2006

Anyone SXSWing it this year? Any acts I should NOT miss? I'm most excited 

Ariel Pink (a new deity on my altar)
Hot Chip
Lady Sovereign ("Public Warning" is single of the year so far)


I was mildly surprised to discover that The Fine Arts Library at the 
University of Texas - Austin has eight (8!) Jandek CDs. "Mildly" because it is a 
university library (i.e. better funded) in Texas (they DO try to represent the 
state's musicians as thoroughly as possible - the Jandek titles range from READY 
FOR THE HOUSE to WORTHLESS RECLUSE for a solid overview). "Surprised" because, 
well, it's still Jandek; he ain't Joe Ely (for better or worse).

Is Jandek so well represented at other libraries?

Kevin John
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