[Jandek] thoughts on Newcastle Sunday

stacey graham staceygraham at gmail.com
Fri Mar 10 10:15:07 PST 2006

Somebody said: "Do you seriously believe that Jandek is as innovative
and has been as influential as Sun Ra?  You are really quite deluded."

To which I (the original poster of the comment) say:

I have 39 Sun Ra tracks, 64 Miles Davis tracks, and 352 Jandek tracks
on my MP3 player.  The Sun Ra and Miles Davis get played maybe 5
minutes per week.  The Jandek gets played 6 hours a day.

With all due respect to Sun Ra and the other greats, neither he nor
Miles or Coltrane has ever made me laugh or brightened up my day.  I
appreciate them and concede that in terms of influence on culture they
are giants while Jandek is a nothing.  But I think (notice the "I
think", just like in the original comment) that Jandek is much more
beneficial to me in that his music makes me happy.  He makes me as
happier than Jimi Hendrix ever did.  Does that diminish Jimi in any
way?  Hope not, because he is arguably the greatest guitar player
ever.  Simply, he doesn't make me happy and take my mind of of work as
well as Jandek.

To get into an argument over who is better than who has about the same
effect as getting into and argument over which God exists or not, or
whether red is better than yellow.  It's all subjective.

I don't mind being called deluded at all, because I believe we are all
deluded.  That's a subjective statement.  Just like my subjective
statement is that TO ME Jandek stands with the greats.  I could just
as easily say Boyz 2 Men or Britney Spears were, in my opinion, as
good as Sun Ra, but I didn't because this is a Jandek list.

We're all here because we dig Jandek and we need something to take our
minds off of whatever our reality is.  Arguing over subjective matters
doesn't solve anything.

Stacey "deluded but happy listening to Jandek" Graham
Minneapolis  MN  USA

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