[Jandek] A Minimum of Jandek

Dave Parent dave9199 at lycos.com
Wed Mar 1 05:36:34 PST 2006

  >a minimal Jandek collection would have to have at least one album
  from every major period (the a >capella period, being such an
  abberation, probably isn't necesary).

  I can not believe there are a number of posts like this. There is no
  way anyone can dismiss these albums as not an equally important part
  of the discography than any other album or period. The words on these
  albums is sometimes more poetic than his recent stuff. Sure I totally
  understand fans not liking these albums, but you can not cut them
  from any overview of his discography.

  Also, I want to share what a great guy Sterling Smith is. I called
  about the price of the new double cd and he called me back about a
  week later. He said it took that long because my phone number got cut
  off on the message. He went back in his archieves and found my number
  (I've called him before) and called me back. I am quite appreciative
  of his effort.

  Also I posted a few months ago that I thought the bass albums were an
  acoustic bass and anyone who responded said they believed it was an
  electric bass. Well, you are right, Smith did use an electric bass on
  those records. He also said there would be more shows in the future.


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