[Jandek] Install 14-10-05 recordings

Carlin, Steven J Steven.Carlin at mottmac.com
Thu Jun 29 03:17:57 PDT 2006

They are audience recordings, as a result, they sound less than great.
I came across a lad who had recorded most of the weekend, which I was
stoked at because the weekend was all about Birchville and Black Boned
for me :)

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	I just picked up these recording of the Friday night show on the
net. Very fractured, sloppy show, with a weird bass sound going on in
the background. wondering if anyone else has sourced these bootlegs and
cares to comment on them or the show. 
	Alas I still wait for 'THE CELL' and the Jandek-Progrock show he
did in Brooklyn. Maybe they'll be the next two official corwood

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