[Jandek] THE CELL - amazing

Yuval Legendtofski legendtofski at gmail.com
Sun Jul 23 17:43:58 PDT 2006

Been listening to this great Jandek recording. I guess for the converted ie.
All of us, it's a stunning transcendent work.
His piano playing is like those poignant non agro/psycho bits off his 'The
Beginning' keyboard opus, is it just me or does Janky's sombre voice sound a
wee bit like Robbie robertson here?
The whole piece has a remarkable, sedate contemplative feel, the piano
sounds like the piano in Sonic Youth's 'Providence' a really lost,
out-there, diembodied tone, in other parts it's like Michael Nyman, and in
other places alomost reminds me of something off Lou reed's 'Magic and
Loss'  or even 'Songs for drella', all up though this is the REAL DEAL, if
this doesn't set the more 'mainstream' 'alternative' press ga-ga well the
jokes' on them, isn't it?
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