[Jandek] Glasgow Monday lyrics changes

Danen D. Jobe djobe at uark.edu
Sat Jul 22 08:10:34 PDT 2006

> Not trying to nit-pick....I've made some changes to the 
> text,and then listed them separately below.

Thanks for this, Jonathan! As Seth once mentioned, our man at Corwood does not always strive for the clearest delivery - part of the charm, I suppose. When a few of us take a shot at the more difficult lines (I don't think anyone doubts the "what do I have," lines, but some of the others... :) ) we get a better reading. Appreciate the help.

And hey, on closer inspection you caught two typos ("were" for "where") and this English teacher appreciates the biology lesson.  I, too, was a bit worried about mitochondria. Fortunately, a quick google search revealed that the Star Wars word is, in fact, mitichlorian (or something like that). You also caught a line I forgot to type out and confirmed that it's "semblance" and not "resemblance" - I debated that one, but I think (on listening again this morning) that you're right.

I also wanted to add how shocking the word "occult" is. That whole section may be the creepiest in the song - intelligence and rocks are nothing against the supernatural. Regardless of belief (or whether this is cancer or not)death looms for everyone, and that's how I take this. Thanks again.

(and personal to Jonathan - sorry for sending the partial email before. Somehow hit send before realizing I hadn't got it all down. C'est la vie).


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