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Fri Jul 21 11:49:01 PDT 2006

<BD> I don't WANT to think about that, and I don't think it's fair to speculate on a forum about that.  soI don't think, at least in this instance, an acknowledgement that avery specific personal trauma has been transmuted into a truly Otherpiece of work is outside the bounds of what we should and shouldn'ttalk about here. The person who makes these records is getting older, and, like all ofus, will die one day. My belief is that all of the records add up to astill-unfolding 'diary' or 'book of my life' (I've blathered on aboutthis on this list in the past), and this is just another chapter; whatwe can glean from listening to The Cell may (or may not) give us aglimpse into our own lives, and that's (at least in part) what art cando and is for...>Ok- I pretty much agree with this- although I still can't believe people here think that Jandek is a person: he plainly isn't; you can't meet 'Jandek' as such (and I have, believe it or not, shaken 'his' hand!). There's a crucial difference between wondering about what the inspiration or theme of a piece of work is, and the sort of intrusive/tabloid tone of 'Do you think he's got cancer?'It reminds me of when Michael Stipe was diagnosed with AIDS by fans who interpreted the lyrics to Automatic For The People wrongly.But yes, yes, I definitely agree that it's pointless not to accept that there is a human element to all writing/music/art- and alsoI had just woken up today when I made my original post (maybe my first one on this board, although I've been reading it for a while)and could have been a bit less 'outraged' in my tone- I'm sorry for that!B
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