[Jandek] The Cell--what's it about?

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>  What do you think he's been writing about all of these years? The
>  history of the human! This forum is about his music and if his music
>  is about him (which it is), then that's what people will talk about.
>  you can not seperate the music from the guy's life; that's what it's
>  all about. I do not understand people who even remotely feel this
>  way. Pretty much all musicians write about themselves whether they
>  know it or not.
Pretty much all musicians draw upon themselves, but that's different from
 writing autobiography. Songs take on lives of their own and songwriters 
 do what they have to so that the song will work. If it's telling the truth,
they'll do that, if it's lying or making things up, they'll do that. (Either
 Paul Simon or Leonard Cohen said something similar. I forget which.)

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