[Jandek] The Cell--what's it about?

Lauren Ciechanowski ciechano at stolaf.edu
Fri Jul 21 11:31:49 PDT 2006

As much as that is true, I still think it is important to also take into
account the metaphor of some sort of mental anguish overtaking someone's
brain and body - which would also very much explain a decrease in appetite
for some people.

I don't know. I feel as if Jandek's repitoire much more frequently and
consistently references a sort of despair, and The Cell is very much a
reflection of that same despair.

So he might be sick, of course, but it is just as likely that he was/is
going through a period of melancholy, where food does not hold his
interest, but death and destruction do.

My two cents,

> I dunno.  Sounds a fair enough discussion to me.  And it's more than
> just empty speculation.  Jandek's lyrics have always been fairly
> scrutinised, and this is just more of that.  His lyrics have always been
> fairly personal, so to look at them without reference to him as a
> regular Joe Human would be to miss the point.
> The sooner people realise that Jandek is just a guy, and should be
> treated as such, the better.  No more of this pedestal-placing crap.  I
> think J-man himself has spent years trying to stay off the Pedestal with
> great success, but some fanatics make it hard.
> Ps - this isn't a dig at you personally - your mail gave rise to my
> mail, not as a retort - just another mail...
> Steve

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