[Jandek] The Cell--what's it about?

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I dunno.  Sounds a fair enough discussion to me.  And it's more than
just empty speculation.  Jandek's lyrics have always been fairly
scrutinised, and this is just more of that.  His lyrics have always been
fairly personal, so to look at them without reference to him as a
regular Joe Human would be to miss the point.  
The sooner people realise that Jandek is just a guy, and should be
treated as such, the better.  No more of this pedestal-placing crap.  I
think J-man himself has spent years trying to stay off the Pedestal with
great success, but some fanatics make it hard.
Ps - this isn't a dig at you personally - your mail gave rise to my
mail, not as a retort - just another mail...


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I don't WANT to think about that, and I don't think it's fair to
speculate on a forum about that. 

The sooner people realise that Jandek is Jandek and isn't necessarily
the same as the human being (Smith/'the representative' or whatever),
the better.

To speculate about whether or not the album is ABOUT something is, I
suppose, fair enough, but to wonder publicly about the medical state or
history of the human being doesn't seem a worthwhile or appropriate
avenue of speculation.


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