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I don't really see how the lyrics could be about physical sickness. They sound more they're about depression to be. He mentions at the beginning coming down from being on some kind of high, perhaps a manic state, and now he's in this reevaluation period, trying to figure it out. 

billy <thirduncle at gmail.com> wrote:  i don't have the glasgow monday cd yet, but i was at the show and it
seemed to me that the lyrics were intended to have a double meaning -
the cell as both biological and as a confining place (i.e. jail cell).
cancer is essentially excess cell growth, causing tumors because
cells fail to stop dividing. curiously enough, they continue dividing
because they don't commit suicide (aka apoptosis / programmed cell
death). i really got the feeling that the theme was about being sick
(e.g. with cancer) and being isolated and confined by the sickness.
in that sense, i thought it was brilliant.

i wouldn't necessarily speculate how the music relates to the person
performing it. i will say, however, that it was difficult not to
think about it having some significant relation to the man performing
because of his age and appearance (he seemed almost emaciated). plus,
there's the fact that he's finally performing after all these years.
for me, that only added to the experience of the performance, even if
it was all in my head.


On 7/21/06, Michael T. Fournier wrote:
> I was at the show in Austin, and thought that the lyrics dealt primarily
> with illness -- a really creepy, unsettling set. I wrote an article about
> it, which you can find here:
> http://www.furious.com/Perfect/jandek/jandek-austin.html
> Wouldn't surprise me a bit if the Cell show was about cancer.
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