[Jandek] Upcoming live releases

Alimarea Vasquez beachdame125 at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 16 13:04:55 PDT 2006

If it has been this so far.......

Glasgow Sunday 10/17/04
Newcastle Sunday  05/22/05
Glasgow Monday "The Cell"  05/23/05

do you feel it will continue as such?

Austin Sunday  08/28/05
Manhattan Tuesday  09/06/05
Brooklyn Wednesday  09/07/05
Glasgow Friday  10/14/05
Glasgow Sunday  10/16/05
London Tuesday  10/18/05
Hasselt Saturday  11/12/05
Helsinki Saturday  11/19/05
Houston Friday  03/10/06
Portland Thursday  04/20/06
Camber Sunday  05/14/06
Bristol Wednesday  05/17/06
Glasgow Thursday  05/18/06

that would seem to be the case so far......

any ideas? It would be akward like since there are two shows that were 
technically Glasgow Sundays

just an idea

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