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Fri Jan 27 11:47:09 PST 2006

I'm tired of all the "keep the mystery alive" crap, folks. If Jandek is only cool when he has a "mystique", then how great of an artist is he really? I don't think anyone on this list or anywhere else should hesitate to share speculations/facts about the man and his life and music (though I'll remind everyone that "snooping about" or otherwise invading the guy's privacy is in pretty poor taste and no one here is going to respect you for it). I just think it's unfortunate that this guy who's new to Jandek feels like he has to keep back his ideas just because some a few wispy romantics want to pretend Mr. Smith (yeah I called him that!) never came out of hiding. DEAL WITH IT, folks. 
  Frank Hardy  
  P.S. The idea of 0739 just happening to be on the tape counter makes the most sense to me, considering Jandek's mundane method of deciding on a name. 
  P.P.S. For all you newbies out there, I reccomend that you do yourself a favor and give Seth's ridiculously thorough page a good run-though before you start posting, because it'll probably answer most of your questions for you, and if you ask them here, we're probably just gonna send you back to the site anyway. 

krakow <krakow81 at gmail.com> wrote:
  You really can't tease us like that.

I'd love to know any theories regarding the catalogue numbers.



  On 1/24/06, Al Heldermon <bassui at earthlink.net> wrote:  I am new to the world of Jandek and this is my first post. 

I'm speculating here, but I believe I know the rationale for the
numbering of the albums.  I do not want to be presumptuous about this
so I would like to know what, if any, other past speculations have been 
as to why the albums are numbered the way they are.  I have not gone
through the Jandek literature to review past theories.  Also, I don't
even know if Jandek himself has ever clarified the matter.  Can any one
who is more knowledgeable on this subject please help me out here. 

If the subject is still one that is unresolved within the Jandek ether
I think I would prefer to attempt to contact Jandek directly and try to
ascertain from him whether or not he would like this fact revealed. 
There are some things that are better left a mystery.


Al Heldermon

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