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Terence Enright guy_fawkes99 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 5 22:01:48 PST 2006

I think the usefulness of posing as a Jandek fan is that the music is so difficult and obtuse you look like someone who understands music on a deeper level, and also as a way to separate yourself from your average music fan. It alienating nature is why people would pretend to like it, not a reason they wouldn't.  
  Also, the moviemakers didn't go after Jandek personally because they didn't want to interfere with speculation about Jandek (and probably to be polite).  That movie's not about the music, it's about the mythology that's built up around this unknown man.    That the biography is invented or contradicted isn't really relevant.   

mitch king <lordinfernus_2001 at yahoo.com> wrote:
  Hey Guys,
I have to laugh at the whole "fawning hipsters"
notion in the case of Jandek. When I think of hipster
guys like that, it is usually guys who are just
"posing" and not really enjoying the music. I can't
see what the relevance of pretending to be into Jandek
if you are not. He doesn't have hit singles, or tons
of swooning teenagers eagerly awaiting the next "hit"
single. Aside from the people on this list I can't
imagine anyone else caring if you like the ol' SS
anyway. I know everyone has thier own opinion, but I
throughly enjoyed the documentary. The filmakers
deliberately decided not to go after the man, like he
was Bigfoot or something. So whats left, the music,
so they analyzed it? That's what he's given it to us
for. Enjoy!

P.s: Has anyone else noticed the Jandekian qualities
of the Frog Eyes "Ego Scriptor" CD?? The picking, the
vocals, definitely!!

P.s.s Hey Enchanter Tim,it's great the see another
BEAR on the list!! Hails!!

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