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><P>There is a swedish documentary about a swedish writer called The volcano man. I 
suppose none of you who are on this list have seen it, but that is a really good documentary 
about an artist, whitout the exploatation part. If youīre going to do a documentary that 
captures jandek, then make the images and the emotions catch the same spirits as jandeks 
music does. If jandek can make music so expressful, then there can absolutley be a movie 
that expresses as much. Thats what I would try to do. And thatīs what they havenīt tried, 
when making this film. Just because youīre making a 
documentary, you donīt have to do it in BBC-fashion. There are a thousand ways to 
investigate an aspect of reality. 

without having seen the documentary, that really doesn't explain what it is you mean, what 
they could have done, what you would have tried.

>Itīs absolutley fine if anyone likes to dissecrate and destroy 
music, but I donīt like it, because almost all the time itīs got nothing to do about the music 
as it is. It drains 
>the emotions, destroys the feelings, thatīs in the work the artist has presented. But, as 
said, some of the things in the movie are intresting. </P>

i think people excitedly discussing the music and what they think about it and the man 
behind it is one way of showing feeling.  but music, and the sensations derived from it, so 
often simply do not translate into words - that's why music was written instead of an essay.  
and yet people talk about music anyway.

however, there is no such word as "dissecrate".  do you mean "dissect" or "desecrate"?


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