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Frank Hardy soccerdude219 at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 2 20:09:46 PST 2006

It's cool if you don't like the movie but your
criticism doesn't really make sense to me. If you're
going to make a documentary about a musician,
especially one for whom the music is virtually all
that matters, how can you not at least attempt to
explain and analyze the music? What else would you
fill the time with? Fawning hipsters? If I want
fawning hipsters, I don't need a movie, I can just
read Pitchfork!

Moreover, what is this idea some listers have that
Jandek's music stands on its own and must be observed
and undisturbed? I say art is meant to be destroyed!
Deconstruct, reconstruct, analyze to the point of
splitting split hairs, look at it every which way,
poke and prod until it doesn't even look like it used
to and it doesn't mean what it used to mean, until
it's nothing but a pile of dirt. Then you make
something new! That's my attitude anyway.

--- Jakob Sandberg <snasboun at hotmail.com> wrote:


I saw the Jandek on corwood documentary recently, and
i have to say that I really didnīt like it. All my
respect to the filmmakers and there efforts for this
film, but it all feels like a jandek commercial. They
talk for an eternity about the tuning of his guitar,
they describe and dissecrate his music, so that
everyone can understand. They try to explain, but why?
Somethings are interesting, like the talk about blank
spaces, and the telephone interview, but most of the
time itīs just a explanation of his music. And that
something that shouldnīt be done, I belive.

Jakob Sandberg

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