[Jandek] Live, in a town near you, Jandek

ripleyjames at comcast.net ripleyjames at comcast.net
Sat Feb 25 13:57:23 PST 2006

At 2/25/200611:21 AM -0800, you wrote:

>  and it feels like the guy that came out of
>a long coma, or Japanese soldiers coming down out of the hills decades
>after the end of WWII.  The reality may be more mundane, but that is
>the way that it FEELS, and in no way reduces Jandek's legendary
>status, in some ways it enhances the legend.

I've always imagined it to be more Boo Radley like. He even kinda looks 
like how I
imagined Boo Radley. 

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