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Jim Reed jim.r at connectsavannah.com
Sat Feb 25 13:48:45 PST 2006

I just sat down and used Quark Xpress to create my own template. You can do
the same in almost any page layout program by measuring the dimensions of a
tray card and CD booklet, and then drawing them out yourself.

Use a 25% shade of black in a dot or dash patterned line for the
"perforation marks" on the tray card or the fold line on a 4-panel folder.

Make the "cut lines" of the designs about 1/16th of an inch farther out than
they need to be so that when you use a paper cutter or whatever, you can
trim the line off, not be super-precise, and it'll still fit snugly in

If you want to get really high-tech and cutting-edge, check out this


These folks have invented their own special proprietary "super jewel box"
which they claim is virtually unbreakable, crystal clear, self-locking, and
uses their own special labeling and cover printing system. They have their
own special templates, special extra-bright paper (with it's own custom
perforation marks), and plenty of options for DVD, CD packaging and more.

It's pricey, but more and more people (like The Pixies on their recent DVD
release) are using this option to create packages that stand out and will
last much longer than standard home-packaging options.

One thing they don't mention however, is that you should NEVER use paper
labels on home-made DVDs.

The discs spin at such a high rate in the drives, that even the slightest
abnormality can throw the DVD-R off balance, and it can shred up the inside
of your player or computer drive. You should only use DVD-Rs which have the
printing directly on the disc itself, or those whihc have been written on in
soft, felt-tip marker.

Good luck!

Jim Reed
Tiny Pin Revolutionary

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