[Jandek] Newcastle Sunday lyrics (rest of disc two)

Danen D. Jobe djobe at uark.edu
Sat Feb 18 16:48:02 PST 2006

Much thanks to Bradley Bee for helping by pointing me in the direction of his lyric transcription from the boot. The one lyric I was most concerned about, however, turns out to be a "Jandek special." It's found in "Locked Up." Here's his take on it:

The yellow trucks and red cars
And ????? it's ???

Then I doubled over laughing - Janky gets us again!

On the other hand, when copying my notes I accidentally left out the first verse of "Mangled and Dead" (and there it sits on my page - how the hell did I do that?), and he DID fix my trouble lyric in the second verse of the same song(which, I guess, "mangled" me!). So please change the lyrics at the start to read:

"You can eat worms, I don't care
You can be a clown at the fair
I'm walking down past you
You don't exist

But I've gotten used to that
I know my wild world
And if you jump to eat me
I'll shoot you in the head
You'll be mangled and dead
I'll blow the smoke, walk away"

And please give BB the credit! 

Thanks so much,


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