[Jandek] Newcastle Sunday lyrics (rest of disc two)

Danen D. Jobe djobe at uark.edu
Sat Feb 18 12:49:26 PST 2006

Again, PLEASE fix my mistakes - I know there's a few!

3. Cottage in the Rain (style: more "caustic balladry" - GREAT drums, especially in middle)

All I have to do is say no
I could've stayed on the edge
Now I think I've lost the edge
and there's nothing else
I quit, I quit, I can't keep it up
it's too hard to try
what's the use - nobody cares
I could turn my back - go away
find that cottage in the rain
I get me fire, I get me wood
what's wrong with me?
why do I have to need so much
thinking all the time?
Growling in vain again
some concept to explain
everybody's so nice
why do I have to pay the price?
All I had to do was say no
I could have stayed there on the edge

4. Sheba Doesn't Have (B R U T A L - GREAT hammering slam-down midsection)

The Queen of Sheba doesn't have nothing on you
You can't tie my necktie
like it was your tattoo
You give me that granite look
that says it's all about you
I'm soft as a snowman
on a warm afternoon
You can tell me to do that
just make it known
The Queen of Sheba doesn't have nothing on you
You dance on my necktie
like it was your tattoo
I fall on my face, yeah
and dribble all about

5. In the Shadow of the Clouds (Spacey: lots of echo, atmosphere. Use of "squeeky cymbal" that one of the Austin drummers uses a lot - perhaps Jandek suggesed this? Over a minute of applause at the end)

In the shadow of the clouds
all there is, is brown and blue
and when I think about it all
I can't forget the downfall
in all the pieces of the place
the rain upon my hungry face
I got to go, I got to go
I don't really want to know
it's just my mind won't let me be
I'm not blind - I can see
The shock of knowing you are gone
a long term life that I must give
to the downfall of our dreams.
As my eyes looked through it all
I saw the prarie and the farm
and I heard the thunder's call
I felt the rain in my heart
as I went by and you weren't there
now all I see is brown and blue
in the shadow of the clouds
The death and panic have passed by
I couldn't help but pass them on to you!
Something senseless on that day
I can't help but look away
I stared it in the face and I knew
no matter how much time went by 
You walked and talked somewhere unknown
in the shadow of the clouds.


And that's it, folks. PLEASE, again, fix where possible. Since I got so into it and finished early I'm going to take a shot at 'Variations.' I'll have those up as soon as I can (really, they aren't much different from the original; shouldn't be that hard)


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