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No offense dude, but this is an internet forum. If you want intelligent writers disseminating legitamate arguments, read a magazine or something. I'd also like to see of greater number of thoughtful, substantive posts, but I don't come in expecting to. At the same time, I'm not going to leave the list just because a few people don't feel like backing up their statements. Don't forget that part of the concept of freedom of speech is that idiots can talk too, and if you don't call them out, you're only going to make their voices louder.  
"Collins, Brendan G" <BCOLLINS at sjmc.org> wrote:
                  “what's even worse is the archives of him and that other lady doing their show.  AWFUL! 

    his chapter on jandek is probably the worst in the book by the way.  he does have a few letters to share which are interesting.  of course, he's still obviously subscribing to the "psycho" theory.  or was when he wrote that.  prick.”
  See, though – you’re tearing the man apart upon impulse.  This sort of criticism is, in fact, lesser than the criticisms offered by Irwin on Jandek’s work.  It’s merely name-calling, without any kind of learned approach or anything by way of explanation.  Why are Irwin’s views ‘wrong,’ in your opinion?  There’s nothing here but asinine name-calling and pejorative commentary based solely upon one’s opinions.
  And I’ve actually had it with the nature of this mailing list, and will be promptly unsubscribing at the earliest available opportunity.  For all the legitimate updates and discussions taking place here, there are dozens of pretentious views that either make no sense or were tossed out off-the-cuff in order to vilify some person, publication, or venue, etc.

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