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Ian gentlegiant810 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 10 03:40:55 PST 2006

</i>See, though – you’re tearing the man apart upon
impulse.  This sort of criticism is, in fact, lesser
than the criticisms offered by Irwin on Jandek’s work.
 It’s merely name-calling, without any kind of learned
approach or anything by way of explanation.  Why are
Irwin’s views ‘wrong,’ in your opinion?  There’s
nothing here but asinine name-calling and pejorative
commentary based solely upon one’s opinions.
And I’ve actually had it with the nature of this
mailing list, and will be promptly unsubscribing at
the earliest available opportunity.  For all the
legitimate updates and discussions taking place here,
there are dozens of pretentious views that either make
no sense or were tossed out off-the-cuff in order to
vilify some person, publication, or venue, etc.

i'm a name caller, it's what i do.  

sorry if i made you unsubscribe to the list.

i said my piece you said yours.  every message board
or mailing list has these same issues once in a while.

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