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Tue Feb 7 11:44:50 PST 2006

hello, just today i received my copies of "khartoum variations", as 
far as i know "newcastle sunday" is not out yet......

At 01:58 AM 2/6/2006, Jumbalaya Negro wrote:
>I am sitting at my computer at 1:56 am EST in Maine on February 6th
>wondering what is going on with the updating at the Tisue.net site.....
>Maybe seth is extrememly busy... but Earrational records has had "Khartoum
>Variations" out for a little over three weeks and "Newcastle Sunday"(2cd)
>out for about a week and there hasn't been any update to the site since
>January 3rd... there has even been a couple of reviews of "Khartoum
>Variations" on this mailing list....  I am really eager to purchase these
>two.. anyone else waiting eagerly for updated information.....
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