[Jandek] tisue.net/jandek UPDATES

Jumbalaya Negro couchsong at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 5 22:58:28 PST 2006

I am sitting at my computer at 1:56 am EST in Maine on February 6th 
wondering what is going on with the updating at the Tisue.net site..... 
Maybe seth is extrememly busy... but Earrational records has had "Khartoum 
Variations" out for a little over three weeks and "Newcastle Sunday"(2cd) 
out for about a week and there hasn't been any update to the site since 
January 3rd... there has even been a couple of reviews of "Khartoum 
Variations" on this mailing list....  I am really eager to purchase these 
two.. anyone else waiting eagerly for updated information.....


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