[Jandek] The blues and sexual innuendo

Mister Born (to you) scott.born at gmail.com
Fri Dec 29 08:55:00 PST 2006

This discussion is sucking.

I think the fact that people take Jandek so hyper-seriously is pretty
funny, and really worthy of a "Butts for Jandek."  I laughed heartily
when I saw that; I'd love to see a "Girls Gone Wild for Jandek," where
idiotic, naive, cookie-cutter, second-semester-bisexual-chicks make
out and pour beers down their shirts while yelling, "Come and get
this, Sterling, you know you waaaaaaaant it!"  The contrast between
the "Bumfights" community and the "Other Music" community is not so
very far, no?  Is there really no place where they intersect?

The "Door Behind" comment was the equivalent of the guy who farts
loudly at a recital during the silent appreciation moments, which is
entirely appropriate.  It is funny specifically because of the irony,
and because it is sophomoric.  I found the whole thing refreshing,
because even though I've been around for a long time, and own the
whole Jandek catalog, and think he is a lot less mysterious than some
believe, I think that the uber-art-Jandekians could use a little bit
of farting in their lives.

The off-list comments I received were classic.  I'm glad those folks
have Jandek to worship, because that guy from Creed is probably
swamped.  And I see the whole "It is He that can do no wrong -- he
ought not be spoken of when celebrating butts and buttsex and
show-your-tits and stink bombs" the same for that douche as I do for
some of the Jandek crowd (only the Jandek crowd is much smaller --
probably in the hundreds).  Jeepers.  I hope His Holiness is getting
some mileage out of those folks.  He deserves it for perseverance

I ought be clear that I do not blame S.S. for the minority of his
fans; I really appreciate his sense of humor and his music, both of
which can be quite refined and then quite unrefined.  That really
pleases me.



On 12/28/06, Spencer Graham <soccerdude219 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Comments:
> 1) I still think Butt for Jandek was really funny. I mean, it's a crude but
> not unreasonable reaction, upon hearing Jandek for the first time, to think,
> "Jeez, this guy probably doesn't get laid much." Just imagine Jandek
> receiving all those pictures and being like "what the.." I do agree it would
> be been poor taste to actually send him those pictures, but frankly I'd like
> to see more (but not too many more) jokes like that on the list, because I
> feel like a lot of people here (myself included) have their heads of their
> own butts a little bit too much. Come on! It's funny!  Besides, what's
> really insulting about it anyway? Is is just that it offends people's images
> of Jandek as something other than a normal human being? Why does everyone
> assume Jandek is some uptight, disturbed, intense, asexual weirdo just
> because his most of his music is uptight, disturbed, intense, asexual, and
> weird? He sounds like a normal guy whenever he gets interviewed. The way I
> see it, the music thing is just something he does to wrestle with his
> demons- I don't think it means he can't appreciate a good butt as much as
> the next guy, especially one with his name on it! Obviously I'm being
> facetious here, but people need to get over this idea of Jandek as some
> holy, untouchable figure.
> 2) This recent joke was NOT funny because it doesn't make sense. As an
> experienced troll on this list, I'm dissapointed with its total lack of
> imagination. I mean, come on. Implying someone is gay is only funny in like,
> middle school, and even then it's not really funny at all.
> But then again, when you think about it...Corwood, right? Get it? Wood?
> LOL!!!
> Seriously kids, grow up.
> -Spence
> Gavin <gavin at arkhonia.co.uk> wrote:
> Tuesday, December 26, 2006, 4:17:06 PM, you wrote:
> TET> Hmmm...but it's NOT insulting and sophomoric to react as though the
> mere
> TET> insinuation/interpretation of a song/title were the most insulting
> thing in
> TET> the world? (Given Jandek's fondness for the blues, one should point out
> the
> TET> song 'Back Door Man' ;) )
> I think the blues analogy is a valid defence of what *was* a pretty
> lame innuendo, but I can't think of any other Jandek lyric or title
> that seems remotely concerned with sexual innuendo of any kind - in
> fact, if one wants to consider (just for the sake of argument) that
> Jandek has anything at all to do with 'rock music', I think that the
> entire body of work is pretty unique in its absence of sexual
> reference, use of profanity etc...the word 'genitals' is used in two
> lyrics, which is unusual in itself in that it's a 'formal' reference
> that's not normally used in everyday speech (at least not these days -
> euphemisms are so much more expressive!) - I think what people might
> find offensive is the same thing that the (utterly cretinous) 'Butts
> For Jandek' offends: a sense of an inherent propriety, and a
> politeness - and that this elicts a likewise response in a
> listener...I can see the 'Door Behind' analogy now that it's been
> pointed out, but it would never have crossed my mind, and it adds
> nothing to my understanding of Jandekian metaphor. But obviously I'm
> only speaking for myself here; as far as I'm concerned, this kind of
> 'lowest common denominator' critical thinking detracts from any kind
> of proper understanding of anything, be it music, literature or art,
> but it works for some people - but I personally think, life, art and
> metaphor is much richer than just bringing everything down to sex.
> Gavin
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