[Jandek] how big is the Corwood universe?

Simon Greenwood simon.greenwood at mac.com
Thu Aug 17 15:59:20 PDT 2006

Irwin Chusid stated that Corwood had printed a thousand copies of  
'Ready for the House', and if you've seen a stack of a thousand LPs,  
it takes up a fair bit of space, so he did 'have to move them'.

These days, I believe that the minimum viable order of a glass  
mastered CD is 300, and I assume a DVD is the same. However, mail  
order isn't the only market and there are plenty of record shops,  
both physical and online, who carry the Corwood output - I bought all  
of mine in Mystery Train in Amherst MA.

So at a wild guess, the initial run of the last CDs and the reissues  
is at least 1000. I don't know about the cost of a DVD but a minimum  
of 500 would be believable.


On 17 Aug 2006, at 20:21, stacey graham wrote:

> Not that it matters at all, especially in this rarified and highly
> unusual case of artistic obscurity, but has anybody ever heard or read
> or even been able to extrapolate how many copies of his releases
> Jandek sells?  I have heard some ridiculously low number of the
> original LP pressings, but that was from a long time and a different
> universe (pre-internet) ago.
> It's hard to wrap one's head around such an unquantifiable number.  I
> hope he has seen (or more probably) is now seeing some financial
> reward for the little corner of the universe that he has claimed as
> his own.
> P.S.  If there are any Minneapolis/St. Paul area free jazz fans, the
> seldom-seen documentary "My Name Is Albert Ayler" is playing Saturday
> 8/19 at the Riverview Theater as part of the Sound Unseen festival.
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