[Jandek] Albums recorded in order?

ryno09 ryno09 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 14 12:12:46 PDT 2006

I believe the answer is only intended to respond to
your first question based on the response I got when
Corwood answered my questions.

I asked if every concert would be released to CD and
if there was a planned rotation between studio and
live albums (so far this year it's been studio, live,
studio, live) or if it was just a coincidence thus
far. The response was:

"Live CD All Performances Is Intended, Rotation Studio
Albums Is Intended."

--- Sam Eddington <sameddington at hotmail.com> wrote:

> So when I wrote Corwood to request the latest
> catalog, I asked two 
> questions. 1) Are the live albums going to be
> released in the order in which 
> they were recorded, and 2) have the albums Corwood
> has previously released 
> been released in the order in which they were
> recorded?
> I got the following response on the back of the
> catalog in today's mail:
> "Intention is to release live albums in order
> recorded. It's our method."
> So perhaps this shines some light, however oblique,
> on the perennial 
> question regarding the order in which the albums
> were recorded. Taken at 
> face value, this seems to imply that the mid-period
> electric stuff isn't 
> actually older than "earlier" acoustic stuff, for
> instance.
> Of course, it's kind of cryptic too, so it's hard to
> say...
> ~Sam
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